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Axanthic Blue Iguana - {Iguana Iguana Axanthic}

Axanthic Blue Iguana
This is our Axanthic (Green Iguana, (Iguana Iguana)) Breeding project.  Axanthic iguanas are Blue iguanas. They lack the yellow pigment color which makes them blue.  Axanthics are a recessive mutation. 

We have several breeding project with these animals some of which are breeding an Axanthic with an Axanthic to make Blue Iguanas, and breeding Axanthic with an Albino which may result in a White Iguana (Blizzard lizard).  We are also breeding Axanthics with a Red iguana which may produce a pink or purple iguana. 

These animals require the same diet and care as other green Iguanas.

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