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What are Albino Spurs

There are two types of Albinos
#1 Red eyed Albinos
#2 Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albinos
It requires two genes to be a "Visual animal" visual animals display the yellow coloration of the shell and the red eyes Het stands for Heterozygous, which means the animals have one of the two genes necessary to be visual.

When an animal is a Het he looks normal (not like an Albino)
The offspring of two matted Het animals will produce visual Albino animals.

For "Spur" Sulcate tortoise there are two types of Albinos that are available, both come in, Normal, Het or Visual.
#1 Pink eyed Albino
Het for Pink Eyed Albino

#2 Ruby eyed "Ivory" HET for Albino (this is what we are selling)
Het for Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albino (these animals are Het for Ivory they look normal and have normal eyes).

Family: Tortoise
Genus: Ivory Albino (Ruby Red Eyed) African Spur
Really neat Albino Tortoises, they have Ruby Red eyes unlike
Pink eyed Albino so they do fine outside in the side in the Sun their vision is perfect.


Availability List 4/24/2017

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