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Notice Regarding Iguana Sales for Florida Residence

As of July 1, 2020, a new Florida law was passed, and it will be illegal in the state of Florida to buy, Sell Trade, or barter the invasive species Iguana, Iguana. The common Green Iguana, we see here in South Florida. This includes all morphs of Iguana iguana. Example Albino, Hypo, Red, Blue Axanthis, Crimson. Blue Heads, Caurco, White Heads, ST Thomas, and many others. The Law includes Hets (heterozygous) for each of the morphs. However, sales are allowed out of the state of Florida for this iguana and its morphs.




What are Albino Spurs

There are two types of Albinos
#1 Red eyed Albinos
#2 Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albinos
It requires two genes to be a "Visual animal" visual animals display the yellow coloration of the shell and the red eyes. (show the Albino Colors).

Het stands for Heterozygous, which means the animals have one of the two genes necessary to be visual (show the Albino Colors).

When an animal is a Het it looks normal (not like an Albino)
The offspring of two mated Het animals will produce visual Albino animals.

For "Spur" Sulcate tortoise there are two types of Albinos and one normal, that are available, both Albinos come in, #1 Het has one gene for albino and #2 Visual has both Albino genes and looks bright yellow like an Albino because, it is a pure genetic Albino).

#1 Pink eyed Albino
Het for Pink Eyed Albino

#2 Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albinos
Het for Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albino (these animals are Het (have one of the two genes) for Ivory they look normal and have normal eyes).

Normal Animals have no Albino genes

If you cross a Het Albino with a Het Albino you will get 25% Visual Albinos.
The other 75% of the clutch is said to be 66% for Het Albino
Which means they all look normal some are Hets and some are normal and carry no Albino genes.


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