Youtube Flash sale Almost Perfect 7 inch Aldabra Tortoise Now $2,280 Shipped  (Was listed for $2,595) Sales ends Thursday 10est. 

Animal: 965
Family: Tortoise
Genus: Aldabra Hatchlings
Availability: Available
Size: 6 5/8 in.

Slight Imperfection in thstortoise with an uneven top or Lopsided Top Shell
Almost Perfect hard to see.Totaly cosmatic no health isues 
almost 7 inches for $2,220 

$2,595.00   $2,280.00

Youtube Flash sale 6 5/8 in. Perfect Scute Lopsided Aldabra Tortoise Hatchling Was listed for $2,595 
once the but button is pressed this animl is removed from the web site

Flash Sale: $2,280 Shipped 
Limited time offer.
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Sale ends at  11:00pm est Thursday Janueray 26 2023
Must be paid in full.
Flat rate shipping $80