Zoo & Farm Security Camera Systems

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Most of you know I have been in the Tortoise and Iguana world for over thirties years. What a lot of you may not be aware of, I also have a business that sells and installs security camera systems. I mention this because when this comes up in conversation with our Florida Iguana clients and other breeders in conversation. Often we are asked what type of security system do we use or recommend. We have done several jobs for many well-known breeders, but since this may be a concern for our clients as well, we would like to provide a free quotation based on your needs.

Safely with cameras is twofold, the obvious being from intruders trying to abduct your animals and Liability claims. Perhaps more importantly though, we often use our cameras as a diagnostic tool to follow the health and breeding of the animals. With a security camera system you have the ability to observe activity as well as the feeding and behavior of your animals. Give us a call to discuss your zoo, farm or home and how best to ensure your animals safety and improve you’re your breeding program.

Keep a view of your animals from any location

Great Security Features

  • 4 to 240 Camera Systems
  • IP Network and “HD” High Definition Mega-pixel Technology
  • Upgrade and expand old systems, keep your old cameras and add more cameras (without rewiring to new)
  • Remote viewing from Mobile phones, tablets and PC computers.

Zoo & Farm Security Camera Systems