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Commingling or mixing Aldabra tortoises with African Sulcata (Spur) Tortoise

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Thank you very much, I sent you pictures of my sulcuta tortoise habitat with the waterfall and housing area. Will these tortoises coexist with the African tortoise? And what type of nutritional needs do they have that are different from the African tortoise? Another words will the same habitat area work with the alda tortoise?


Hi Tom you have an absolutely fantastic set up for Sulcate tortoises.
The Aldabra care is very similar to the Sulcate care.
I will send you a care sheet later today.

The problem I see is the Spur males are aggressive and will bother and mount the Aldabras. Aldabras don't like to be bothered and are peaceful animals. You would have the best growth and happy animals keeping them in their own pen, but I can say this, if you were to raise them in a setup like you have, you would have some special animals.

You are better off to raise your Aldabras in a separate pen to insure their happiness and health.  Also it is protocol to keep new animals quarantined and isolated,  you wouldn't want to mix them with your animals. Both animals have different gut flora which could be thrown off by other animals.

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