How To Train An Iguana

How To Train An Iguana

Common Questions

A lot of people ask me the best way to tame their Iguana, While I don’t consider myself the best
or most experienced iguana trainer here are some tips. I have used and my customers have used
with great success. You have to get into the mind of these little guys so you can gain their trust. 
I would love to hear from those out there who have their own tips and experiences.

The first secret is the more you chase him around in the initial grab the more crazy and scared 
he gets. So the best idea is pick you place and time when you’re going to grab him. Make the 
cage conducive for you being able to get in fast with out to many obstructions. Wait for him to 
get in a corner or in a spot where you can make a quick clean grab.

One word of caution, when you first go in if you kind of hang your hand over him he may try to 
bite you, or at least open his mouth. I am use to grabbing them fast so they don’t even have to 
react, but I would suggest you use a glove to start with until you are comfortable.
Let me just repeated, Grabbing the animal initially is the whole trick.
Once you have him in hand the calming down process starts.
Trying to catch him to start with is the most challenging part of the process. It is natural for him to try and run from you to start with, he isn’t just going to sit there and let you grab him initially.

After you catch him, be very conscious of how tight you are holding him. The tighter you hold him the more freaked out he is going to get, try slowly releasing the pressure then just open your hand and he will sit there. Then just hold him for a while but be careful not to squeeze him because he is going to interpret that, as your trying  to eat him. I do this in a secure area so if he gets away, from me he really cant go that far. I use a small walk in cage with branches so if he jumps he only ends up on the wire or a branch, you will find you can easily recapture him this this situation.

Now put him back in the cage and then pick him right back up a few times now that he is getting use to you, this 
establishes the picking up process is not a danger.  Now don’t be surprise tomorrow if he seems wild again it takes time.

After repeating this technique a few days you will see a big change in his behavior. Now you can easily move to the next 
phase. Try getting him on a leash, you can buy these in most pet stores. Then sit and watch TV with him, let him crawl 
around on your shirt. Treats work well also so he knows when you pick him up something good is coming.

Keep me updated on the progress and don’t give up easy.

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