J99 / K2 and the Layaway Process

J99 / K2 and the Layaway Process




I’m interested in either J99 or K2 but had a couple of questions I’m hoping you can help me with. 

Do you have adult Aldabras with multi-scute that I can reference to what it would look like as an adult? Can you provide photos of the multi-scutes on these individual Aldabras, J-99 & K2? At what age can you determine sex? 

Lastly, how do your layaway plans work? Do I have a set time after $300 deposit to payoff Aldabra? Do I make payments through website as well? 

Hope to hear from you soon, 




Hi SM, nice to meet you.
I dont have an Adult Aldabra with a Multi Scute, but I do have a split scute which looks like a double scute.

Pictures attached: This is Oliver, I have raised home from a hatchling he is 565 pounds. and 32 years old.


Sex can typically be determined around 10 years old; some later or some earlier.


The layaway program works like this: basically, you are reserving a type of animal in the future, not a specific animal.

Example: you put $300 down and you want a 5 inch Perfect Aldabra. 

I get new animals to sell three or four times a year.


Let's say you put your deposit down today for that 5 inch-perfect. The next group for sale will be around November.
Based on your layaway date, you would get the first pick of the new animals. Or you can keep putting down payments.


Probably the next lot for sale would happen in February 2021.
Here again, you get the first pick of that group.

This cycle can go on for a while,  I have had people in the program for over a year.

Please find two links below with videos of the respective animals you inquired about. 

Hope that helps.



ID#99 https://www.floridaiguana.com//Tortoises/Aldabra-Hatchlings/AnimalID-11431

ID#K2  https://www.floridaiguana.com//Tortoises/Aldabra-Hatchlings/AnimalID-11433

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