Q & A: Ideal Enclosure Set Up

Q & A: Ideal Enclosure Set Up

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Q: Great thread I love learning and this definitely opened my eyes when buying a tortoise that is a couple years old. Do you have a thread started with the ideal enclosure set up that would be "interesting" enough to get them moving?

A: Cage size can be tricky and all of my experience is dealing with outdoor pens. That is because my farm is in South Florida.

Let me try to answer this by way of example. If you had a 7” Aldabra I would not put it in a pen 20’x20’ that pen is too big and I have seen just as much problems making pens too big for rearing young animals. I would like to see something at least 4’x8’ to as large as 6’x10’

Pen ornaments like Trees, rocks, and logs give some ground diversity and set up blind areas for them to explore. Keep in mind having things to climb over is great exercise but also can be very dangerous if they flip in the sun. also one of the most stimulating things they can have, is a cage mate or mates.

But I don’t like mixing different species and I don’t like mixing animals that are very different in size.

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