Aldabra Layaway Program Questions

Aldabra Layaway Program Questions



Hello. Checking to see if this service is still available and when you expect your next hatchlings to be ready for sale?

I’m interested in a ‘near perfect’ to ‘perfect’ scute 6-7” tortoise. 

Would it be best to wait until spring for a hatchling due to my climate in Oklahoma, or does this matter as much as I’ll be keeping it indoors until it’s a juvenile/ per your recs as to when to introduce it outdoors temperatures permitting?

I currently have an African Leopard Tortoise and enough room to keep her separated from an Aldabra with separate indoor enclosures and outdoor space 

Thank you!



Hi Chad yes LayAway still available I guess I have to study you weather better to yield an opinion about when to go in or out.
temperature is covered in my Care Sheet

I will have more in 4 weeks but I have now 5 larger beautiful smooth DS hatchlings available today.


Here videos prices of what I have in stock.
let me know if you have any questions.



Thank you. What is the price of the double scute 5” tortoise that is available now? (One in second video heading toward the tree) ....and the price of the split scute one as well. 


How old are those two?


Please educate me, are the various scute patters purely a cosmetic/aesthetic ‘issue’ or are their musculoskeletal ramifications now or down the road for some of them? 


Thank you



Here is a copy of the price sheet they are all identified by their ID#
The scute pattern is totally cosmetic, like the hair pattern on a dog has nothing to do with abnormalities. 

This different then improper shell growth or abnormal shell growth which is the cause of an improperly cared for hatchling. 


Check this link out to learn more about scute patterns


Let me know if you have any questions.

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