Purchasing Two Aldabras

Purchasing Two Aldabras



Hi Sam,

I have been researching Aldabras for years and I think I am financially ready to take the plunge but I still have a one big concern that I just can't seem to find adequate answers for.  I do have other torts...I am not an expert but this isn't my first endeavor.


I live in Colorado.  I have a large backyard (one acre lot) and we plan to move further out of town in a year or two, so space isn't really an issue.  We do of course get snow, and I am wondering if it is feasible to build a nice enough outdoor enclosure for one.  While they are small enough, they can come in in the winter and live indoors, but obviously in a few years that will be difficult.  My idea is to build an outdoor house, likely using a shed as the main structure for heat, and then build a lean to style shed outside of the house so they will have some outside space in the winter as well that is covered from snow.  We probably only get maybe 30 days a year where there is actually snow on the ground, so if they can handle cooler temps like a sulcata where they can go in and out of their house for heat, then I suspect they will be fine.  Please let me know your thoughts.


I am dedicated to the financial investment and the time/commitment, but I want to make sure that there is a viable option as they grow into giants.



A lot of people do what you are thinking.

you can build a barn-like structure that is big enough for them to live in while it is too cold to let them out.

the hatchlings or animals under 12" will have to come in if it is lower then 65 

but then again a 12 inch animal 10 x 15 area , your going to need some barn space anyway for when they get bigger 

in 10 years when they are 20 to 24 inches you will need a space maybe 20x30 depending on how many animals you have.


you will also need heaters and on the cold days you will have to make sure they are inside the heated area, you cant have a covered or heated area outside and just rely on the idea they will go in when its cold.
I could look up the colorado weather and get a better idea of what you need to do.
if you think you want to move forward with the big barn Idea.


not sure I have all your questions answered here.https://www.floridaiguana.com/caresheet-aldabras


have you seen my care sheet?





Thank you for the fast response.


Yes, I have read your care sheet (several times).


I know you normally recommend having two of them, as they are social animals.  Do you feel this is very much preferred?   Obviously the cost is high for these guys and so is the housing investment, so I would prefer to only purchase one, but I absolutely want to do what is best.


Thanks again.



many people raise one

and they still go on to be healthy and happy.


He just going to end up bonding more to you, especially as he gets older.



Thanks again. I’m still leaning towards two. When I’m ready should I just go through the website? Is there an option for me to have them held at fedex for pickup? The fedex delivery is almost always late in the day, so seems better if I can pick them up at the hub.

Can we schedule a time for shipment that isn’t immediate? I would like a couple more weeks to get ready and I have some family coming into town so I want to get past that.

Anything else I should know about the purchase process? I’ve read through your website. 



Hi Again Beth seems you have a good understanding of the process.

yes best to go through the web site so we have all the information.

The shopping cart does not automatically charge you, i have to review each one in case there are mistakes,

I also have to add shipping so I need the address in the shopping cart as well.


we can arrange a time for delayed shipping no problem.

Yes we can hold at the hub.


They have been selling rather quickly lately, so if you are looking at two particular animals it is best to buy ASAP

to ensure they don't get sold.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

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