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Isadore H.

Hi. I have a Sulcata tortoise that is about 9 months old. I want to get a second one. Is there any other type that can co-exist with mine or am i limited to to Sulcatas only? 
Thanks, izzy



I believe you are best off not integrating sulcatas with other species.


They are a very outgoing, thriving tortoises, they are incredibly active and have lots of personality. Unfortunately, males will fight to the death, they are active diggers and can easily dig under fences in a few hours. 

their enclosure requires making their bens "Dig out proof" 

typically Sulcatas (males) will iterate an Aldabra with their constant aggression ( some animals are exceptions) 

If they are raised as hatchlings together then they may be more compatible 
but I have seen Sulcatas turn deadly overnight after living with a 25 year cage mate

I had one male wake up one day go crazy on his bigger cage mate killing him.

He also killed one of the females after living with her from 25 year old hatchlings.



Isadore H.

Thank you very much... I guess Torti (my 5 year old named it) will live alone, other than the dogs and fish and other pets...

I appreciate it 

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