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#10311 - 2015 - Hypo Green Morphs HET

This is the first time a Hypo (Hypomelanistic) Iguana has been Crossed with a 66% Possible Het Albino Iguana. It will be interesting to see what color morphs will come out of their breeding.

ID# 10311

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#4 - Hypomelanistic Iguana Het: 36 Inch (2014)

36 inch Het Hypomelanistic Iguana (ID#4): (2014) get a jump on your breeding project for these amazing iguanas, they look like Albinos but without Red Eyes You can be breeding Hypos next year. This animal is a Het (heterozygous) They carry one gene of the two genes necessary to produce visual animals. If you breed two of them together you will get some visual Hypomelanistic. $1,500.00 ‚ÄčThere is also a chance they carry the Albino gene. The parents are Bright Yellow and changing to bright orange through the seasons. The father is a 100% Hypo Green Iguana. The mother is 66% Het for Albino Green Iguana. The first pic is the animal I am selling The following pics are of the father and one of his brothers. They require the same care and feeding as any Green Iguana they can grow to 6 feet. Guaranteed Live arrival.

ID# 4

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Availability List 6/26/2017