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100% Het Hypomelinistic Iguanas


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#10310 - 2016 - Het for Hypomelanistic Green Morphs 27 Inches (19 available)

2016 -Het for Hypo Green Morphs This animal is a 100% Het (heterozygous) for Hypomelanistic They carry one gene of the two genes necessary to produce visual Hypo animals. If you breed two of them together you will get some visual Hypomelanistic. There is also a chance they carry the Albino gene. The parents are Bright Yellow and changing to bright orange through the seasons. The father is a Visual Hypo Green Iguana. The mother is 66% Het for Albino Green Iguana. They require the same care and feeding as any Green Iguana they can grow to 6 feet. Guaranteed Live arrival.

ID# 10310

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