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Red and Green Iguanas

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#Red - Adult Male Red Cross Iguana over 30 in.

Not tame. Breeder. Beautiful colors.

ID# Red

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Amazon Basin Yellow Foot, Burmese Star, Galapagos, Redfoot Andrews Hatchlings, Redfoot Northern S.A. Adults, Redfoot Northern S.A. Hatchlings, Redfoot Trinidad, Yellow Foot Adults, Giant Barbados Red Foot, Western Hermanns, 100% Het Hypomelinistic, 100% Het Hypomelinistic - Red Cross, 100% Het Crimson Hatchling - Red, Axanthic Blue, Purple Camouflage, Red Possible Het Albino, Double Het for Super Red, Tobago Cay, White Head, Cayman Brac, Cuban