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Aldabra tortoise Hatchling Big Summary sale.

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Now listed the "800" Group Aldabra hatchlings 

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I have also added some more of my Big Holdbacks to the forsale list
sizes from 13 inches to 18 inches 
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Now in stock 25" probably Male  Aldabra tortoise

We have lots of shell shapes, Normal, Big and Round, Long like a Bus,

Flat and even some with Green Eyes


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Current Avalability - Updated: 7/31/2022 12:24:35 PM

#12233 -

J70 15" Aldabra Tortoise nice Big animal slight pyramiding Perfect Shell pattern Special price

even though this Guy was a little primmed i always like him, that's why is was one of my hold backs. his she is interesting, he is very Wide, with Very Green Eyes

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Id# 12233 $6,900.00 View Buy Make a $2,000.00 Deposit

#502 -

ID#502- 12 5/8 inches Long & Smooth Tortoise

Love this shell shape,
Another one of my Personal Favorites 11 3/4 Pounds

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Id# 502 $6,500.00 View Buy Make a $2,000.00 Deposit

#805 -

4 1/2 in. Unusual Dome Extra Scute Tortoise with no Nouchal Scute 

Extra Scute, Vertical Scute, Dome & No Nuchal Scute
This guy has it all , all the diferences unusual shell shape, extra Scute, if you like different then you will like this one 

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Id# 805 $1,995.00 View Buy

#816 -

4 3/8 in. Perfect Scute Aldabra Tortoise Hatchling

Very Dome shell with a left slant

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Id# 816 $1,995.00 View Buy

#829 -

4 7/8 in. Double Scute Aldabra Tortoise Hatchling

No Nuchal Scute & Long shell type

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Id# 829 $1,995.00 View Buy

#B22 -

B22 13 1/2 inch Aldabra Tortoise Green Eyes Nice smooth High Dome Shell

This is one of my personal hold backs a lot of the "B" Group of Aldabras had Green Eyes Buy on line.

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Id# B22 $5,900.00 View Buy Make a $2,000.00 Deposit