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7/16/21 We are still posting more anaimls.
Pictures and videos coming soon for each anaiml.

7/10/21 We now have in stock over 40 hatchlings from 4 to 5 inches Perfect and Imperfect.
We will be posting their indivdidual videos and details on line on Monday and Tuesday.
We also have 20 large Aldabra Yearlings from 6 to 8 inches.
some really nice looking animals in this group.

As long as you pay for the animals in full I can offer delayed shipping.
deposits on the animal's balance will have to be paid in one week.

7/7/21 New group avilable this Sunday July 11 new listings going up starting Monday
I wil have Perfect and Double Scute Avilable from 4 to 8 inch.

7/2/21, I Only have two Aldabra Hatchlings in stock.
I will have another group for sale  July 12 2011
You can put a deposit on the July Group now.
There 6 to 8 inch animals available scroll down to the list towards the bottom 
the new group have a skew code starting with  (July- something ) 
You will get a video of your tortoise before shipping so there are no surprises on which animals you will receive

You can ask for delayed shipping.

6/19/21, I will have videos up on Sunday for the Curent aanaimls I have in stock.
(does not include the 20 larger anaiml scoming in mid-July)

6/18/21, 2:00pm: Coming in mid-July we will have about 20 larger Aldabra tortoises available for sale.

You can reserve today for $500. Balance due by July 26, 2021.

You can ask for delayed shipping.

Scroll down to the bottom of the list below to make your deposit online. 

 You will get a video of your tortoise before shipping so there are no surprises on which animals you will receive.


Great opportunity to add an additional tortoise if you bought one last year and need a bigger size to pair yours up with.


Supplies of some sizes are limited. 



6/5/21, 8:10pm: Running real low on Hatchings. I have released some of the Green Eyed animals I had on hold. I still have four more hatchlings to list, then I am out for a while.
Next group available in about two weeks (6/15/21). I will also have 10 larger animals available 7 or 8 inches. 

If you're interested in perfects or something special you may want to consider a Layaway depost to reserve on the next order.


4/30/21, 6;58pm: We have finished posting the new Hatchlings. We are posting new pictures and pricing soon, you can see them first on our youtube. 
If you dont see a pic you can click view and still see the video or check out Youtube.
I will complete the upload on Saturday

Thanks for your patience.

Aldabra Hatchling tortoises 4 to 6 inch"
Check out the new Long Shell Hatchlings listed in the (one Hundreds Group) ,  this group comes from a different Island,  the adults have big long shells 

We also still have some other Different shell types perfect, Double Scute, Multi Scute 
no-Nuchal Scute, High Dome, and Wide shell shapes available

We still have the best guarantees in the industry.
Guaranteed live arrival
30-day exchange policy
One-year health guarantee


Remember folks I am always here for you after the sale.
Nobody does it as good as me.

The Best Guarantee In The Industry General Lay Away Plans Available Scute Pattern Description  
FedEx Receiving Information Delta Pickup Instructions Health Check Video Care Sheet


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Availability List 8/1/2021 3:46:01 PM

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