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Notice Regarding Iguana Sales for Florida Residence

As of July 1, 2020, a new Florida law was passed, and it will be illegal in the state of Florida to buy, Sell Trade, or barter the invasive species Iguana, Iguana. The common Green Iguana, we see here in South Florida. This includes all morphs of Iguana iguana. Example Albino, Hypo, Red, Blue Axanthis, Crimson. Blue Heads, Caurco, White Heads, ST Thomas, and many others. The Law includes Hets (heterozygous) for each of the morphs. However, sales are allowed out of the state of Florida for this iguana and its morphs.


Redfoot Andrews Adults Tortoise



Andrews Redfeet tortoises November 10 update

I have an interesting group of Giant Redfoot tortoises.  I have males at 16 inches and females at 14 inches
The animals we’re all raised and bread on their own naturally. 
They hatched out of the ground on their own and they made their way through a lot on their own for almost 40 years.

 In 1992 Hurricane Andrew destroyed the South Florida Homestead area.
 After the hurricane, a couple of adult Redfeet were found wandering the streets.  
They were the lucky ones many pets and other domestic animals were lost in the storm.
The Tortoises were rescued and given a large plot to live.
However, basically on their own.  Over the years the animals reproduced.

These offspring are now Adult Breeding Animals between 8 and 15 Years old
They are the offspring from the 1992 Hurricane Andrew disaster “Group”
I believe they are fourth and Fifth generation animals.

That group has to find a new home now, the owner of the lot has to move out of the state and can no longer provide their land.

The interesting thing is they were all hatched naturally right out of the ground, they were never incubated
and they were never brought inside or protected from the weather or additional Hurricanes in any way.

The surprising thing is, these animals are so Big with round domed shells
They are healthy and heavy.  There has never been any sickness. 

I am excited to be offering this group with a little history.
The animals are perfect in every way, big, strong and healthy.
 I believe these animals would make a great group for others looking to breed them or they would make a great pet

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