Delta Pickup Instructions

Arrival by Delta Air: all shipments are insured.

You must open and inspect your animal(s) at the Delta Counter and report any abnormalities to an agent and then us. 754-444-1710 and

If you leave the counter, we cannot make an insurance claim on your behalf and the insurance will be lost.

Report immediately to a delta agent at the pickup counter any abnormal disposition of the animal you receive.

This includes but is not limited to, Over hot or warm, Cold animals, any abnormal discharge, mucus, blood, etc, Report if the animals are lethargic, not moving or appears weak.

Tortoise may be locked in their shell, determine if the animal(s) is alive by poking and trying to pull its limps or head out if it is alive but you cannot pull its limbs out, which means the animal is still strong and probably ok, Continue to monitor.

In the event the animals arrive sick or dead, you must take pictures and videos and retain the bodies for inspection). The bodies must be placed in a refrigerator (not in the freezer) ASAP to allow for proper preservation for inspection and insurance claims