FedEx Receiving Information

Arrival By FED-X The high and low temperature range for the day must be above 40 and below 88 degrees (Shipping   Receiving locations or live arrival guarantee is void).

You or your agent must be present to sign for door to door shipments (Fed-X, First delivery attempt)

I am not responsible for missed deliveries or carrier delays. (Missed delivers void the live arrival   health guarantees)

In the event the animals arrive sick or dead, you must take pictures and videos and retain the bodies for inspection)

The body's must be placed in a refrigerator (not in the freezer) ASAP to allow for proper preservation for inspection and insurance claim.

Report immediately to us and abnormal disposition of the animal you receive. This includes but is not limited to, Over hot or warm, Cold animals, any abnormal discharge, mucus, blood etc, Report if the animals is lethargic, not moving or appears weak.

Tortoise may be locked in their shell, determine if the animals is alive by poking and trying to pull its limps or head out, if it is alive but you can not pull its limbs out, means the animal is still strong and probably ok, Continue to monitor.