2022 Male Banana Pectinata Mexican Spiny Tail Iguanas. Tame

Animal: Banana2022-M
Family: Iguanas
Genus: Banana Pectinata
Availability: Available
Size: 12 inches

Males and Females avilable 
Hatch date 06/30/2022 through 7/7/2022

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Banana Pectinata iguanas Great Iguana pets, this smaller species typically reaching 32 to 36 inches. are hearty active animals that are

interesting to watch and study. These are the tamest of all spiny tail iguanas, making them great

hese Iguanas have grown very popular in the last few years because of their striking appearance, easy care and smaller size. Because of their latest popularity they are hard to find in the pet trade.
There are different intensity morphs of these iguanas,
They range in color from almost pure yellow over most of their body to a tiger striped looking morph.

These hatching are feed a Diet of Crickets and Worms, as well as a diet of mixed greens, making them Omnivores which are easy to feed and keep.

These iguanas do not not need as much space to raise as Green or Cyclura Iguanas.
These are good pets for folks living up north or who have smaller living spaces

These animals come from the Western coast of Mexico from Northern Sinaloa to Southern Oaxaca living right along the coast and inland Hatched May 9, 10, and 11