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ID#3 D6 Lewisi Blood line High Percentage (On Sale Now )

Animal Code: ID3_ D6
Family: Iguanas
Genus: Cyclura Lewisi Hybrids
Availability: Available
Size: 16 inches

High Blue Lewisis Hybrid Rock Iguana

$1,000.00   $895.00

2019 Hybrid Cyclua lewisi Blue Iguanas. D6 Pairing. $1.000 Only Males I have been breeding Lewisi iguanas for about thirty years now, I have some very high percentage animals that I have breed over the years. You can see some of the brothers and sisters Parents and grandparents on this page this is the line originally from Life Fellowship that I have been breeding. On this page https://www.floridaiguana.com/Iguanas/Cyclura/Lewisi Scroll down They produce some incredible blue babies as you can see in the pictures Our Collection of Cyclura Iguanas goes back to the early eighties We were fortunate enough to obtain some of the nicest Iguanas from Life Fellowship Church their expertise and experience reached back into the Sixties. Ramon Nugel and Greg Moss were among the first to successfully breed Cyclura Iguanas. Needless to say they had the nicest animals There came a time when Life Fellowship Church started selling off their animals, also located in Florida I was fortunate enough to obtain some of the nicest animals. This line of Lewisi Hybrid iguanas are some of the most sought after animals in today’s market. Quantities are limited. Please let me know if you have any questions. Florida Iguana and Tortoise breeders has been Breeding Iguanas and tortoise for over 30 years we take great pride in the quality of our animals and we are always here to help our customers out with any questions. Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvhkLg-iaic