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Visual Hypomelinistic Iguana

Family: Iguanas
Genus: Visual Hypomelinistic Iguana Hatchlings

Hypos do not have Red eyes Like Albinos yet they look like Albinos. 
However; their eyes do appear different than normal.

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Hypos do not have Red eyes Like Albinos yet they look like Albinos. However; their eyes do appear different than normal. 

Hypomelanistic Hypo is short for hypomelanistic which means that the animal has reduced ability to produce black pigmentation (melanin) in iguanas this is most evident in the black banding on their tails, There are different degrees of "loss of Black pigment" some just have mild black pigment loss some bands look a shade of grey and some bands are so absent of black pigment the banding looks a light shade of red or orange. a high-grade Hypo iguana looks yellow with this light banding on the tail. 

Some breeders also produce Hypos however, they elect to call them different and fancy names. I guess I am just not as creative as them.

These particular animals are very pure when it comes to lack of black pigmentation. They will make a great display animal or an impressive pet.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Notice Regarding Iguana Sales for Florida Residence

As of July 1, 2020, a new Florida law was passed, and it will be illegal in the state of Florida to buy, Sell Trade, or barter the invasive species Iguana, Iguana. The common Green Iguana, we see here in South Florida. This includes all morphs of Iguana iguana. Example Albino, Hypo, Red, Blue Axanthis, Crimson. Blue Heads, Caurco, White Heads, ST Thomas, and many others. The Law includes Hets (heterozygous) for each of the morphs. However, sales are allowed out of the state of Florida for this iguana and its morphs.