Florida Iguana & Tortoise Breeders


"I have been dealing with reptiles for over 30 years. Unfortunately in our hobby we run across dishonest people and especially on expensive animals. Sam is one of the few out there that makes the hobby so enjoyable. Yes these are expensive but, I have bought several Aldabras and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more from him. You get more than an incredible reptile. You get Sams knowledge and care. Trust me when I say this man truly cares. Aldabras are a dream animal for me and Im glad I dealt with Sam and his farm. Buy with confidence and trust with him."
— Dave T.

"Love your page, always learn something."
— David V.

"Connor and I had a really cool morning. I want to thank Sam Pascucci of FloridaIguana.com for giving us a private tour of his amazing animals. We got to pet his massive Aldabra and Galápagos Tortoises! Some of his tortoises are almost 600 pounds and over 100 years old."
- Derrick C.

"You have certainly expanded your hobby into a wonderful learning and sharing experience to all those interested as you are."
- Victoria I.