"Sam is one of a kind and always a pleasure to catch up with, learn from and deal with. I have been a long time fan of his pages and last year I finally was able to purchase one of my dream reptiles, an Aldabra tortoise from Sam. A few months after that I was getting back into keeping Cyclura and contacted him for a male lewisi hybrid that had caught my eye in one of his videos. Both times communication was smooth, the animals came in healthy and well. I am looking into purchasing a second Aldabra from Sam soon and hopefully visiting the property in person this year. Keep up the great work Sam, you're one of a kind!"
Ramy S.
"I've purchased one Aldabra hatchling and have another on the way. They are some of the most helpful group of people when it comes to the care and questions. I love watching his videos on his FB page and youtube. Nothing but good things to say about Florida Iguana."
Shena Ross
""I have been dealing with reptiles for over 30 years. Unfortunately in our hobby we run across dishonest people and especially on expensive animals. Sam is one of the few out there that makes the hobby so enjoyable. Yes these are expensive but, I have bought several Aldabras and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more from him. You get more than an incredible reptile. You get Sams knowledge and care. Trust me when I say this man truly cares. Aldabras are a dream animal for me and Im glad I dealt with Sam and his farm. Buy with confidence and trust with him.""
Dave T.
""Connor and I had a really cool morning. I want to thank Sam Pascucci of FloridaIguana.com for giving us a private tour of his amazing animals. We got to pet his massive Aldabra and Galápagos Tortoises! Some of his tortoises are almost 600 pounds and over 100 years old.""
Derrick C.
""Love your page, always learn something.""
David V.
""You have certainly expanded your hobby into a wonderful learning and sharing experience to all those interested as you are.""
Victoria I.
"Sam is a trustworthy guy and provides wonderful care for his animals. Definitely keeps himself busy there! Would recommend."
Paul T.
"Sam Pascucci of FloridaIguana.com is exactly the type of seller a buyer wants. Trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable, very patient, quick to answer questions as was offer his time and advice to name a few things. I highly recommend Sam Pascucci of FloridaIguana.com. Oorah!!"
"I got my female Lewisi about a week ago. She is so sweet! She is beautiful and healthy! She is still getting used to things but already loves being held and pet. Those little eyes close and she relaxes into my hand as I scratch her head! I can't say enough about my wonderful experience! Thank you Sam and Laura! "
Annamarie Trotta
"I'm so happy I finally took the plunge & purchased my 1st baby aldabra from florida iguana. I have sulcata, leopard & Russian tortoises already so my issue was finding someone I could trust. I've been following Sam at his farm for about 2 years thanks to Kenan @kampkenan. If Sam's tortoises are good enough for him then why not lol. Everyone is so friendly & helpful. Shout out to Laura for answering all of my texts & being so patient. Sam actually called little ol me! 2 times! What a pleasure & he answered all my questions without me feeling rushed or I'm bothering him. What a great person. Who does that? They get your $ and then nothing. You get to speak with real ppl who care about their followers/customers & more importantly their animals. So 3 days after my little aldabra arrived, I had to get another so they could grow up together. Both ate the very next day. These guys aren't shy! So tomorrow I plan on starting to search for a cyclura rhino hatchling. I've been searching for one here in California for about 5 yrs & hey now that I've seen for myself the quality of the animals & the way they treat people, I'll finally complete my reptile bucket list. Now if only I could live another 100 yrs. Thanks again maybe one day I'll get to visit your amazing farm. "

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