The Best Guarantee In The Industry

30 Day Health Guarantee:

Animals are guaranteed healthily, eating and acting normally.

If your animal is sick or is not eating, you can return them prepaid shipping back to us and we will exchange the animal with free shipping back to you.

Does not cover sudden death, the animal you send back must be live (Please see Live arrival & Health terms) your health guarantee may be void if the shipping terms were not meet.

One year Health Guarantee:

You can't go wrong with that) If your animal(s) gets sick anytime within the first year you can ship them back to us and we will treat them free of charge to you (other than shipping) and return him when he is healthy.

There are no Guarantees against death.

This could be considered to be a backup policy in the event your Vet quotes you an un-affordable price or you do not feel, a local vet can give your animal the best chance of survival.

Guaranteed live arrival:

Animals are guaranteed to arrive live providing our terms are met (please see Live arrival & Health terms) Animals that do not arrive live will be replaced. There are not cash refunds.