100% Het for Ivory ID#.4 3 3/8 inches Sulcata Tortoise Yearling HetIvory.4

Animal: ID#.4
Family: Tortoise
Genus: African Sulcata Hatchlings
Availability: SOLD
Size: 3 3/8 inches

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What are Ivory Sulcata Tortoises   Ivory Sulcats are a genetic color morph of the normal looking parents.Sulcats tortoise that are Ivory  or what we call Visual animals have very pure looking sweet yellow color they also have Ruby Red Eyes  It requires two genes to be a "Visual animal", visual animals display the yellow coloration of the shell and the Ruby Red eyes. Het stands for Heterozygous, which means the animals have one of the two genes necessary to be visual (show the Ivory Colors). When an animal is a Het it looks normal (not like an Ivory animal) The offspring of two mated Het animals will produce visual Ivory animals. For African Sulcate tortoise can be either Normal, Het for Ivory or Visual IvoryNormal Sulcatas have no recessive gene for Ivory and all their babies will all be normal Het for Ivory animals have one gene for normal and one gene for Ivory and they look like a normal animal. (but they carry the gene needed to make visual hatchlings) Visual Ivory Tortoise have both genes for Ivory Visual refers to the High Yellow shell color you see, they also have Ruby Red eyes. If you cross a Het Ivory with another Het for Ivory you will get 25% Visual Ivorys . The other 75% of the clutch is said to be 66% for Het Ivory  Which means they all look normal, some are Hets and some are normal and carry no Albino genes