Whats Available on Tortoises?

Whats Available on Tortoises?




I follow you on Instagram and just saw the video that you have specials on tortoises $200-$600 off. However, am not clear on what’s available with that sale.  If you can provide a list. 

There’s also a sale on juvenile hatchlings but what’s available? If you can provide a list that would be great.

Are there females and males available. I understand that large tortoises genders can be determined on the temperature dependent and the prolonged duration of the eggs you incubate.

Are there long term health concerns for tortoise that don’t have perfect scutes like double scutes or pyramiding as they become adults?

Thank you for your time!



Hi Chan, nice to meet you.

Here is an active list of tortoise online; each one has a picture, video, description and buy option.



The October sale I have discounts that range from $200 to $600, as you mentioned.

Typically the bigger discounts are for the bigger animals.

The $200 discount would apply to the animals listed around $2,200 or cheaper.

The website shows the list price, the discount is off of those prices.


I do not track incubation temperatures so I won't be able to tell you sex.


There is no long-term health risks with abnormal patterned scute plates.

It is cosmetic like a dog's color or pattern.

Pyramiding was caused by an improper diet or habitat.
At this point, these animals diet and environment have been brought back to normal and they are growing normally,  

There is no long-term health issues with these animals either.


The pyramiding they have will never go away, as the tortoise gets larger he will have these raised peaks in the center of each plate.

Please see my video on this subject.



Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Sam and Laura Pascucci

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