Aldabra Adults Tortoise

Adult Aldabra Tortoises Breeders 
I only have four Adult Aldabras I will be selling this year.
I have two Adult Males and two Adult Females.
These animals are over 40 years old.
If you want to breed Aldabras and don't want to wait till you are old, 
then this is the way to go.
These animals are capable of producing this year.
These animals are imported from their Native Island 
(that's where the breeders come from)
These are not like animals raised in the USA 
No single females sold
The Price is Firm (freight is very expensive) 
The price has been going up every year on these animals
If they are available next year the price will only be higher.
Guaranteed sex and Live arrival.
You will get health Certificates with these animals.

A deposit is required to reserve an animal.

We have been raising Giant Aldabra and Galapagos Tortoises for over 35 years
We are a farm dedicated to raising rare and endangered Giant Tortoises and Rock Iguanas

Remember we still have the best guarantees in the industry.
Guaranteed live arrival

Aldabra Availability Categories

I have a great group of Sub Adult Aldabra tortoises, this is a great group for someone looking to build a breeding colony. there are males and females in this group. These animals come from Seychelles, so they are a bit older than USA Aldabras at the same size. This is because of the slower natural growth in Seychelles. These are nice looking animals check out how smooth their shells are. I am offering a special Group price, please contact me for details.

Current Avalability - Updated: Up to date!

#Adult0080 - Adult Female Aldabra Tortoise 30 inches

Adult Females Breeder can produce this year
Id# Adult0080 $99,000.00 View Buy

#Adult0086 -

#Adult0086 - Adult Female Aldabra Tortoise 30 inches

30 inch Adult Female Breeder, she can produce this year.

Id# Adult0086 $99,000.00 View Buy

#Adult0236 - Adult Male Aldabra Tortoise 35 inches

Adult Male Breeder
Id# Adult0236 $169,000.00 View Buy

#AldAdult-4235 -

I have a Adult Pair of Aldabras the Male is 38 years old and is huge with a straight shell measurement of 41.5 inches The Female is Huge at 35" straight shell length

This is a bonded and cooperating pair, they achieve intromission and the Female has laid eggs in previous years and she cooperates with the male. its only a matter of time for these animals to lay fertile eggs.

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Id# AldAdult-4235 $225,000.00 View Buy