Aldabras Sub Adult Tortoise

Juvenile Aldabra Tortoise Holdbacks
12 to 18"  2 males and one large female
3 smaller Animals 12" to 14"
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Aldabras Sub Adult Tortoise Avalability

6/6/2023 2:52:41 PM
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19 in. Perfect Scute Green Eyes Aldabra Tortoise Subadult 

Perfect Bumbry Double Green

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J70 Probable Female  17 Aldabra Tortoise nice Big animal Some slight pyramiding Perfect Shell pattern

Even though this one was a little pyramided
i always liked her, that's why they're one of my hold backs. she is interesting, she is very wide with Very Green Eyes. 


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13 1/2 in. Perfect Scute Green Eyes High Peak Aldabra Tortoise Subadult

High Peak Green Eyes Perfect

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12 in. Double Green Eyes Lopsided Aldabra Tortoise Subadult

Green Eyes Lopsided


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