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Treating Tortoises for Constipation

Treating tortoises for constipation, 04/11/2024 Ver#2 

Its not unusual for Aldabras to get constipated or a partial blockage when they get cold. Their GI slows down, the movement of the GI system virtually stops peristalsis below 60 degrees. 

This causes bloating, gas and pain. 


Giant Tortoise are very susceptible to bloat and constipation, but it is often misdiagnosed as a respiratory illness. 

Constipation is typically caused by foods and how and when you feed them, as well as weather changes and feeding during cold spells 


Symptoms of constipation 

Signs are not producing stool or producing small darker dried stools. Most animals continue to eat for a time even though they are constipated 

They will typically show signs of drooling and witness or saliva at the mouth Sometimes you can hear gurgling sounds. Typi

Welcome to Florida Iguana & Tortoises Breeders

At Florida Iguana & Tortoise Breeders we are a dedicated facility to the care and breeding of Giant Land Tortoises and West Indies Cyclura Rock Iguanas. We are a proud member of the ZAA (Zoological association of America) and we are an approved and accredited breeding facility by the ZAA.

Our Tortoise collection consists of a large collection of Galapagos and Aldabra Tortoises We also have a Breeding collection of African Spur thigh Tortoises and Redfoot, Yellow Foot Tortoises and Elongated Tortoises. Our Cyclura Iguana breeding project consists of Cuban Iguanas, Rhino Iguanas, Lewisi Iguanas, Cayman Brac and Figginsi cyclura Iguanas. Back in 2009 we started breeding Green Iguana, Iguana color morphs. Albino, Axanthic, Super Red and Hypomelanistic. We have also started raising and setup a new breeding program for locally specific island Iguanas like the Tobago Cay iguanas (White Zebra Rhino Iguana) and the Union island Pink Rhino Iguana.

We started our collection of Tortoise and Iguanas back in the early eighties. We were fortunate enough to obtain some of the nicest Iguanas and Tortoise when at the time the best known breeder was selling off their collection ( For those in the know, you know who that was) we are a private farm in Sunny South Florida with sophisticated outdoor pens and cages which are insulated with automatically thermal controlled. We have been breeding Tortoises and Iguanas for over thirty years but we are smart enough to know you can always learn something new.

We are lucky enough to know some of the most prominent breeders and leaders in the reptile world.

Welcome to Florida Iguana