African Sulcata Tortoise


African Sulcata Tortoise. CB. South Florida.

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African Spur Ivory Het for Albino Tortoise


What are Albino Spurs

There are two types of Albinos
#1 Red eyed Albinos
#2 Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albinos
It requires two genes to be a "Visual animal" visual animals display the yellow coloration of the shell and the red eyes. (show the Albino Colors).

Het stands for Heterozygous, which means the animals have one of the two genes necessary to be visual (show the Albino Colors).

When an animal is a Het it looks normal (not like an Albino)
The offspring of two mated Het animals will produce visual Albino animals.

For "Spur" Sulcate tortoise there are two types of Albinos and one normal, that are available, both Albinos come in, #1 Het has one gene for albino and #2 Visual has both Albino genes and looks bright yellow like an Albino because, it is a pure genetic Albino).

#1 Pink eyed Albino
Het for Pink Eyed Albino

#2 Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albinos
Het for Ruby eyed "Ivory" Albino (these animals are Het (have one of the two genes) for Ivory they look normal and have normal eyes).

Normal Animals have no Albino genes

If you cross a Het Albino with a Het Albino you will get 25% Visual Albinos.
The other 75% of the clutch is said to be 66% for Het Albino
Which means they all look normal some are Hets and some are normal and carry no Albino genes.


Aldabra Adults Tortoise


Aldabra Availability Categories

I have a great group of Sub Adult Aldabra tortoises, this is a great group for someone looking to build a breeding colony. there are males and females in this group. These animals come from Seychelles, so they are a bit older than USA Aldabras at the same size. This is because of the slower natural growth in Seychelles. These are nice looking animals check out how smooth their shells are. I am offering a special Group price, please contact me for details.

Current Avalability - Updated: 1/14/2022 2:56:24 PM

#TheRealDeal - #1 Adult Breeding Group. (The Real Deal)

1.3), Big 600 Lb male Two 25-year-old 200lbs females One additional older female comes with the group, she has walking problems but mates with the male all the time. This is it, it doesn't get any better than this. I sold a group like this to a customer in October 2017 and he was breeding Aldabra Hatchlings in less than two years.

ID# TheRealDeal

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Aldabra Hatchlings Tortoise


Great selection, Over 80 Baby Aldabas listed below.
The sizes run from 4 inch to 9 inch,  

(Dont forget to check out the Sub-Adults on the other page) 12 to 30 inch animals if your looking for bigger anaimls.

We have lots of shell shapes, Normal, Big and Round, Long like a Bus,
Flat and even some with Green Eyes

As long as you pay for the animals in full<  I can offer delayed shipping.
deposits on the animal's balance will have to be paid in one week.

Remember folks I am always here for you after the sale.
No one does it like I do.

We still have the best guarantees in the industry.
Guaranteed live arrival
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One-year health guarantee

 Remember folks I am always here for you after the sale.
No one does it like I do.

The Best Guarantee In The Industry General Lay Away Plans Available Scute Pattern Description  
FedEx Receiving Information Delta Pickup Instructions Health Check Video Care Sheet

Current Avalability - Updated: 1/14/2022 2:56:24 PM

#538 - 5 3/8 in. Perfect Scute Aldabra Tortoise Hatchling

Nice High Dome, Green Eyes. Perfect little animal.

ID# 538

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Aldabras Sub Adult Tortoise


Current Avalability - Updated: 1/14/2022 2:56:24 PM

#16MSp -

26.5 inch Male Aldabra Tortoise Needs a good home

26" male Aldabra tortoise has significant pyramiding. 
Sligh imperfect walk.

ID# 16MSp

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#2422MF -

24 inch Male and 22 inch female pair

 24" male and 22 inch female Aldabra tortoises.

ID# 2422MF

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#28MS -

28 inch Male Aldabra tortoise

28 inches long body style 11 year old male

ID# 28MS

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#X12Aldabra -

12 inch Aldabra tortoise DS nice smooth shell Friendly

Raised in Texas by a previous customer this animal was cared for and loved.

ID# X12Aldabra

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#X18Aldabra -

17 3/4 Inch, probably male Aldabra tortoise Friendly

This animal was raised by a previous customer, it was cared for and Loved

ID# X18Aldabra

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Amazon Basin Yellow Foot Tortoise


Black Mountain Tortoise

Burmese Star Tortoise

Elongated Tortoise

Galapagos Tortoise




Red Foots Tortoise


Current Avalability - Updated: 1/14/2022 2:56:24 PM

#2021RedHatch -

2021 RedFoot Hatchlings  (more then 8 Available, Check the video for each) 
Still Avilable #1, #4, #8,  #9, #10, #11, #16, #17, 

Please indicate the number you want by enetring the ID# in comments
6 month old well started Baby Redfoot Tortoise Raised on our Farm in South Florida

ID# 2021RedHatch

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#RedHatch#15 -

Redfoot Hatchling 2021 ID#15 in. 3 in.

High dome, really smooth.

ID# RedHatch#15

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Redfoot Andrews Adults Tortoise



Andrews Redfeet tortoises November 10 update

I have an interesting group of Giant Redfoot tortoises.  I have males at 16 inches and females at 14 inches
The animals we’re all raised and bread on their own naturally. 
They hatched out of the ground on their own and they made their way through a lot on their own for almost 40 years.

 In 1992 Hurricane Andrew destroyed the South Florida Homestead area.
 After the hurricane, a couple of adult Redfeet were found wandering the streets.  
They were the lucky ones many pets and other domestic animals were lost in the storm.
The Tortoises were rescued and given a large plot to live.
However, basically on their own.  Over the years the animals reproduced.

These offspring are now Adult Breeding Animals between 8 and 15 Years old
They are the offspring from the 1992 Hurricane Andrew disaster “Group”
I believe they are fourth and Fifth generation animals.

That group has to find a new home now, the owner of the lot has to move out of the state and can no longer provide their land.

The interesting thing is they were all hatched naturally right out of the ground, they were never incubated
and they were never brought inside or protected from the weather or additional Hurricanes in any way.

The surprising thing is, these animals are so Big with round domed shells
They are healthy and heavy.  There has never been any sickness. 

I am excited to be offering this group with a little history.
The animals are perfect in every way, big, strong and healthy.
 I believe these animals would make a great group for others looking to breed them or they would make a great pet

Redfoot Andrews Hatchlings Tortoise

Redfoot Bolivian Tortoise

Redfoot Northern S.A. Adults Tortoise

Sold Out of Suriname Redfeet at this time check out the Andrews Redfeet, just amazing.

Redfoot Northern S.A. Hatchlings Tortoise

Redfoot Trinidad Tortoise

Western Hermanns Tortoise

Yellow Foot Adults Tortoise

Sold Out of Suriname Yellowfeet at this time check out the Andrews Redfeet, just amazing.

Some really nice looking animals in this group.
The animals are Last Years Imports and guaranteed healthy.

The animals are not inside a dark warehouse somewhere, they are outside in South Florida Sun.

Each and every animal is carefully checked by our health staff.

They are being sold with a 30-day live guarantee, If It dies, you get a new one.

Quantity discounts for multiple purchases
Additional pics available

Archived Aldabra Tortoise